Ensure air quality in your home or building in Greater Montreal

For optimum air quality

Ventilation and air filtration in a building have a considerable impact on your health. Let our specialists in Montreal suggest a system tailored to your needs to improve the air quality in your home or building.

Trust DB Climatisation for a risk-free environment – the importance of air quality is paramount. Request a quote today.

Air exchangers

DB Climatisation offers installation of new air exchangers. Discover our available models here. We offer only the best brands available on the market!


THE HRV SERIES, Fantech’s most compact and complete HRV, works continuously to supply fresh air to a home and exhaust an equal amount of stale air from a house.


The new generation of air exchangers powered by Virtuo technology

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– Introducing the most advanced residential air exchangers in the industry. Far superior to standard heat recovery air exchangers (HRVs) or energy recovery air exchangers (ERVs), the AI series offers a universal platform suitable for any type of home, simplifying installation while providing users with optimum air quality. The AI series also includes Virtuo ventilation technology.

Central humidifiers

DB Climatisation offers installation of new humidifiers. Want a high-performance, energy-efficient system? We can help! Find out more about our products here.


Honeywell central electrode humidifier

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– Honeywell’s electrode humidifier can be installed and serviced quickly, and offers an intuitive, innovative and versatile design that makes for a successful installation. We do this by designing the smallest steam humidification product on the market and the industry’s only duct-mounted solution, as demonstrated by our patent-pending design. Electrode steam offers comfort, peace of mind and the performance you want, day after day.


Generalaire central humidifier

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– Health problems: The right humidity levels keep your sinuses and throat healthy, reducing incidents of colds, flu, respiratory infections, allergies, asthma and nosebleeds. Studies show that too little humidity contributes to the flu virus surviving longer, while increasing its ability to spread from person to person.

Grants  available
Grants  available

Would you like to replace your old system with a new, more energy-efficient one? You could be eligible for government grants! Find out more here.

Financing solutions
Financing  solutions

At DB Climatisation, we offer advantageous financing solutions to simplify your life. We work with Canadian financing partners to offer you the best solutions on the market.

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Get all-in-one service

Get all-in-one service

Ventilation system installation

Whatever your ventilation system, our specialists can install the best equipment available on the market. Our expertise enables us to propose the right system to suit your requirements. Trust our team to handle any ventilation project: air exchangers, kitchen hoods, air filtration systems, air make-ups and more.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to installing ventilation units. The quality of the installation plays an important role in the performance and lifespan of your unit. Poor design can lead to discomfort or insufficient capacity for your needs. As a specialist in this field, DB Climatisation offers a seamless installation service tailored to all its customers.

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Ventilation system repair & maintenance

As problem-solving specialists, DB Climatisation’s services are indispensable. Our team works around the clock to provide efficient service in a timely manner. Regular maintenance of your equipment can significantly reduce energy consumption, maximize service life and reduce long-term costs. Call us today for a maintenance service performed by one of our experts.

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