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DB Climatisation, refrigeration specialists, offers installation, repair and maintenance services for your restaurant or other business in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Our technicians will meet your needs at all times, ensuring safe, efficient and hygienic operation of your refrigeration system.

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Refrigeration systems

Whether you own a restaurant, a company involved in food production, storage or transport, an arena or any other business requiring the installation & maintenance of refrigeration systems, we can help.

DB Climatisation, experts in commercial refrigeration, offer a wide range of solutions for all types of business.

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Grants  available
Grants  available

Would you like to replace your old system with a new, more energy-efficient one? You could be eligible for government grants! Find out more here.

Financing solutions
Financing  solutions

At DB Climatisation, we offer advantageous financing solutions to simplify your life. We work with Canadian financing partners to offer you the best solutions on the market.

paternaires de financement de thermopompes

Get all-in-one service

Get all-in-one service

Refrigeration system installation

We offer an installation service that stands out in the industry, led by our experienced refrigeration technicians. We install the best quality equipment at reasonable cost.

Looking to install a high-performance refrigeration system for your business? We’re the specialists. Contact us today to get your quote.

Technicien BD Climatisation en train d'installer une unité murale de climatisation
Technicien en entretien qui effectue la réparation d'une thermopompe

Refrigeration repair & maintenance

Our team’s expertise enables us to efficiently repair your refrigeration system, whether it’s a two-door fridge or an industrial freezer. We choose the best option for your needs.

Refrigeration maintenance is very important – and should not be neglected. It keeps the unit running smoothly and avoids additional repair costs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for system maintenance.

Technicien en entretien qui effectue la réparation d'une thermopompe

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