Should your heating system be cleaned before the cold weather arrives?

Although the current heat may make us forget that the harshness of winter will come sooner or later, summer and autumn are ideal times to inspect our heating systems. It is better to prepare now than to discover a malfunction once the mercury drops to its lowest. Besides inspection, is it necessary to clean the heating system before the arrival of cold weather? The following article will try to answer this question to help you face the cold season with peace of mind.

Heating System Maintenance

Whether your system is forced air, hot water, or utilizes oil, natural gas, propane, electricity, or dual energy as its source, a heating system needs regular tune-ups and proper cleaning. These actions will ensure the safe operation of the heating system and also ensure optimal efficiency while controlling energy consumption and utility bills.


First and foremost, to ensure the best energy efficiency of your system, several steps should be taken at least once a year. These include checking the cleanliness of the heat exchanger, the air supply needed for combustion, the tightness and cleanliness of the chimney flue pipe if applicable, as well as inspecting all the different components of the appliance and its distribution system.

If you have an oil heating system, in addition to the aforementioned steps, you will also need to analyze the combustion, adjust the electrodes, check the nozzles and the condition of the combustion chamber. Don’t forget to ensure the proper adjustment of the oil pump pressure, check the safety controls and ignition system, and finally, make sure the flue pipe’s barometric damper is functioning correctly.

For natural gas and propane appliances, it will be important to ensure an adequate gas supply pressure at the appliance and regulator. It is also important to check the operation of the safety controls and ignition system and perform a combustion analysis.

Many other elements can be checked, but the key takeaway is that a poorly maintained or neglected heating system will cost much more to operate than one that receives regular tune-ups and proper cleaning.

Thorough Cleaning

Once the inspection is done, cleaning is an important step in the regular maintenance of the heating system. It is a crucial element of the ventilation system, and the absence of cleaning could cause significant health problems. The central heating system produces heat and distributes it throughout a building using a network of ventilation ducts. Therefore, it is very important to have these ducts cleaned by a professional to prevent the indoor air from becoming contaminated with various suspended particles. The quality of indoor air is even more important during winter when we open the windows less frequently and spend more time indoors.

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