Is an air exchanger really worth it?

In the basement, four flexible ducts are connected to a steel and plastic box – the air exchanger. Indeed, some houses are equipped with an air exchanger, while others are not. This raises the question of whether an air exchanger is truly useful and worth investing time and money in. The following blog article will provide you with some answers about the function of an air exchanger to help you decide whether it is worthwhile to have one in your home.

What is the Purpose of Having an Air Exchanger?

Unless you live in an extremely polluted area or an industrial sector, the indoor air in your home is always more polluted than the outdoor air. In the past, we used to open windows to refresh the air, but now it is the air exchanger’s job. An air exchanger replaces the indoor air with fresh outdoor air, but it does more than that. It also helps control the humidity inside the house. If it is equipped with effective filters and an air purifier, this device has a real impact on the indoor air quality of your home.

To Ensure Its Effectiveness

To do its job well, an air exchanger should have an outdoor intake located away from parking areas, gas entry points, and waste and compost bins. The ducts of the air exchanger should be well-insulated, and the filters should be in good condition. It is also important to clean it according to the user manual’s instructions. You will need to remove the heat recovery cube and degrease it using dish soap and water. Then, a vacuuming of the various components should restore the air exchanger’s efficiency.

In New Constructions

Nowadays, all new houses are equipped with an air exchanger. The reason is that new constructions are so airtight that an air exchanger becomes essential, as there is no natural exchange of outdoor air without opening windows. In other words, the indoor air does not get refreshed without the help of an air exchanger. Additionally, some new materials and furniture emit gases, so it is important to ensure that the air exchanger is always functioning. In older homes, you might think that an air exchanger is unnecessary. However, if all the windows and doors have been replaced and the walls have been painted with latex paint, introducing fresh air may be important.

Heat Recovery

Recent models of air exchangers are equipped with heat recovery. This means they capture some of the heat from the stale air and transfer it to the incoming fresh air. During the cold season, less energy is wasted compared to opening windows to let in cold air.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your air exchanger or are considering installing one, do not hesitate to consult professionals in this field. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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