How to choose your air conditioning system

Winter is barely behind us, and we already have to think about summer and its promises of scorching hot days. In anticipation of the heat that inevitably invades our homes every year, especially with the increasing number of people working from home and suddenly needing to cool off, it’s a good idea to start shopping for an air conditioning system now, so you’ll be ready to face the summer heat in comfort.

Considering the important purchase, what aspects should be taken into account before buying an air conditioning system, and how to choose the right air conditioning system?

Analyze Your Needs

The first thing to do before shopping for your future air conditioner is to question your real needs. There are many choices of appliances on the market, and prices can vary greatly from one model to another. Some are portable, while others are fixed. If you think you’ll use this type of appliance beyond the summer months, it’s better to opt for a fixed unit. You should also consider which rooms it will be relevant to cool. Do you want a model that can cool your entire home or just your home office or bedroom? Some air conditioners do more than just cool. Would you like it to also act as an air purifier, dehumidifier, or even serve as heating? It is essential to take all of these criteria into account before making a choice.

Choose the Right Air Conditioner Model

  • Central Air Conditioner

In terms of air conditioners, the central model has a fairly long lifespan (up to 15 years). It is more expensive than wall-mounted models, but it cools the entire house. They include a fan, a compressor, and a coil located outside the house. They distribute cooled air through the ductwork of the heating system.

  • Individual Air Conditioner

A popular model as it can be easily installed in a window or recessed into the wall. They are useful for cooling a single room. However, they have the disadvantage of being visible.

  • Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

Some air conditioners are sold in the form of a heat pump. They have a reversible system. In other words, they function like regular air conditioners to cool the house, but they also have a heating mode. When the cold weather arrives, the heat pump moves a refrigerant in a gaseous state outside. It absorbs heat from the outdoor air and returns it indoors. The vapor is then compressed, which increases its temperature. This makes it a very versatile device.

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Consider the Noise!

When shopping for an air conditioner, pay attention to noisy models. Don’t hesitate to ask questions because some models can be very noisy. Newer models have much lower decibel levels than older ones. Typically, the noise comes from the compressor, and there are kits available to isolate this part of the air conditioner. If you already have an air conditioner, here are a few maintenance tips!

Feel free to contact professionals in air conditioning. They will guide you in choosing an appliance that meets your needs, neither more nor less.

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