First things to check if your air conditioning system stops working

If your air conditioner is not functioning during a heatwave, there’s no need to panic. There are often simpler solutions than you might think. The following blog article will guide you on the right steps to identify the source of the problem and resolve it yourself or with the help of professionals.

Tell-Tale Signs

Several things can cause problems with an air conditioner. Some signs indicate an issue, such as:

  • An unusual noise;
  • Jolting operation;
  • Random shutdowns;
  • Suspicious odors;
  • Water leaks or dripping;
  • Tripping fuses;
  • Malfunctioning remote control;
  • Non-functional or blinking indicator lights.

What should you do when one of these problems occurs? Some of them can be easy to fix, while others may require professional assistance.

The Filter

If your air conditioner is not blowing air or producing strange noises, this problem is often related to clogged filters. The same applies if your air conditioner is making unusual sounds. To clean the filters yourself, start by turning off the unit, opening the unit, and performing an initial vacuuming of the filters. Then remove the filters and clean them with a sponge, water, and soap. Finally, thoroughly rinse the filters and let them dry completely before putting them back in place. This simple cleaning may solve your problem and improve the lifespan of your unit.


There are times when an air conditioner malfunctions due to a leak. This problem can be related to the condensate water tray. When the tray is full, it can overflow. To resolve the issue, simply empty the tray and put it back in place.

However, if the liquid being discharged is refrigerant, it is a more serious problem. This will require the intervention of a professional. It is important to address this issue promptly as low refrigerant levels could severely damage your air conditioner.

It is important to immediately unplug your air conditioner while waiting for professionals to arrive to prevent further issues.

Other Potential Issues

If you have recently replaced the batteries in the remote control, cleaned the filters, and do not see any apparent leaks, it may be a fuse problem. Check if there are too many devices connected to the same circuit. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact an electrician who can advise you on improving the situation and ensuring the safety and performance of your electrical system.

In any case, if you suspect a problem and cannot find a solution, do not hesitate to call specialists who are experienced with such devices. They will ask you the right questions and guide you to ensure you can fully enjoy the benefits of your air conditioner.

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